Qi Gong on Modern Weight Loss Treatments

Applying Qi Gong to Weight Loss

Modern weight loss options are plentiful but we still see an increase in obesity in our modern society. This raises the question of why even with modern technology, our society suffers with such a great obese population. In the following, I will review some modern weight loss methods and how Qi Gong can help accelerate these options:

  1. Exercise – At it’s core, weight loss is based primarily around exercise. According to WebMD, they suggest that 30 minutes of exercise a day will help prevent weight gain. They also mention that some people gain weight even if they did nothing and ate healthy and they noted that this 30 minute guideline is based around this type of person. Exercise is great for weight loss; but only for those who know what they’re doing. Someone can be exercising for hours and not lose any weight because they do not know what they’re doing! An alternative to modern exercise which usually consists of going to the gym, a Qi Gong suggestion would be to engage in a daily Tai Chi workout routine. Tai Chi exercises are simplistic in theory, but extremely great for the body when done correctly. A Tai Chi workout can last from 20 minutes up to 2 hours. Traditionally, Tai Chi exercises are performed at parks which are led by Tai Chi masters who choreograph all the movements. Even though Tai Chi routines are not as common here in Canada, there are still many daily Tai Chi routines that can be joined for free amongst the Markham community.
  2. Diet – The second part of modern weight loss is based on diet. Modern philosophies believe in a healthy diet that consists of low sugar, low carbs, and low fats will help with weight loss. Even though a diet that consists of low sugar, carbs, and fats work for many people, there is another large population that do not respond well with this diet; a common side effect to this type of diet is low energy and feeling tired all the time. A Qi diet can help get the benefits of weight loss while also giving a boost to energy levels. A Qi diet often uses food to help balance out any imbalances that may have risen. The basis of the Qi diet is centred around eating locally grown fresh foods that are seasonal. The primary way to cook foods for a Qi diet are to eat the foods raw, lightly heated, or steaming – this way the foods maintain it’s Qi. A Qi based diet would mean to avoid processed foods and microwaving which will reduce in the foods losing its Qi. To start with a Qi diet, you should visit your farmer’s market to purchase your food through them as you can guarantee that the food will be fresh and locally grown. Also, make sure to cook the foods in the most simplistic way to keep the Qi from being cooked away. A Qi diet will not only help with weight loss, but will also boost your energy in the process!

    An assortment of locally grown vegetables
    Qi Diet
  3. Surgery – With the way modern technologies have advanced over the years, surgery has become a common way to overcome weight loss. Some methods ofd surgical weight loss consists of tummy tuck, nip and tuck, and traditional liposuction. While all these methods can provide instant results, the side effects usually consists of a roller coaster effect which essentially means quick weight gain after the fat is removed. Immediate weight gain is only one of the big side effects to traditional surgical weight loss, but surgery usually leaves a lot of nasty scars. Even though immediate weight gain post surgery is something that is more will based than anything, there are alternative methods that can maybe help with side effects involving scarring. There is really no traditional Qi Gong alternative to points 1 and 2; but if surgery is necessary, I would highly suggest looking into a non surgical method to liposuction that can help prevent scarring. The technology on this type of method is so advanced that there should be a lot of confidence in going with a non invasive or non surgical method to liposuction. The key is to do your research and finding a reputable clinic to go to get this treatment done. I’ve come across a really good database that lists recommendations that are reputable close to you. I would suggest checking out lipomagic.com/markham to find a non surgical liposuction clinic in the Markham area!

All in all, weight loss is one of those things that only really became a problem within the past century. There are very few Qi Gong methodologies to tackle obesity specifically, but there are many practices that can help promote weight loss. Tai Chi and a Qi diet can be the first step to promoting a healthier lifestyle while maintaining your inner Qi.